AUTOMATON 1           The continuing adventures of.

                                       To seize power, firstly they had to say, We will seize power.

                                       Breakneck over the rooftops,

                                       to go where no language dared to go.

                                       In a collision of neutron stars.

                                       Inside the impossibly massive particle at the heart of everything.

          Poetry must be disassociated

          from the forms in which a culture in disarray

          has sought to contain it.

                                       Declarations of objectivity are always being made.

                                       It was because they believed that only in the future

                                       would they have a history.

                                       To amplify the shock of misrecognition.

DNA                              There’s no extreme to which alienation can’t be pushed.

                                       A machine’s sensory organs.


                                                             it’s necessary to add,



                                      “BROWSING” WILL CREATE A NEW SENSIBILITY.

         Language, born to express the inexpressible,

          was soon enslaved to the task

          of issuing commands to the masses.

                                       Evolution isn’t science fiction.

                                       All futurology masks the return

                                       of an apocalyptic humanism.

                                       What’s poetry that forsakes its own violence?

                                       Try to envisage the opposite of anything.

                                       Betrayal: the only truth that sticks?

FORCE-FIELD 1           Chance is a determined indeterminacy.

AUTOMATON 2            Predictions for year zero:

                                       nothing is ever clearly set out.

DNA                              Every poem is an attempt to dispossess totality.

                                       There are also words not in dictionaries.

                                       A verb isn’t a shock but a rehabilitation.

                                                             (Prolepsis in the

                                                             linguistic membrane.)

                                       Expression is the bowel-movement of language.

                                       The means of production of unidentifiable objects.

                                       Only a fool comes in place of an idiot.

FORCE-FIELD 2           “It” refuses to represent with all its vehemence.

                                       The last page mirrors the first.

                                       The last word isn’t better than the others,

                                       it just has circumstance on its side.

AUTOMATON 3           Desire exhibits itself by multiplication-effect.

                                       Sentimental adjectives.

                                       The only language that survives is dead language.

                                       Severity will be of the lines, they said.

                                       The cosmic insurrection.

                                       A symphony in monotone…

          Po-ème               Ideology without nostalgia

          =                          is like

          Po-aime?            politics without illusions.

                                       The external circumstance is itself an attitude.

                                       Outraged by the whole scenic design,

          Form                   not all generalizations are equivalent.

          doesn’t               A field of harvest wheat or geometry?

          trans-                 Even though you have no name for it, this place exists.

          mit…                   Algorithm’s ghost.

                                       Thought, after long exposure to stupidity.

                                       Suicidal onomatopoeias.

                                       Failed. Acid. Experiment.

AUTOMATON 4           What’s visible in this world won’t be visible in the next.

                                       A culmination without future.

FORCE-FIELD 3           The wave doesn’t break at the source.

                                       The ecstasy & sobriety, the love of humiliated love.

                                       Translations always arise no matter what.

                                       Each tribe with its catalogue of fornications on publisher’s letterhead.

                                       The metrics of sloganised bullshit.

                                       What constitutes a collective fantasy?

                                       The gloom of idiots congelating around justifications.

DNA                               Everything (else) is provisional.

                                       The necessity for a concerted revolutionary programme.

                                       Finally, an account isn’t an analysis.

                                       Dark vital signs.

          And if you named IDEOLOGY

          it was to infer that this creature

          came under the evidence of the five senses?

                                       Poetry, or the “iron-clad” laws of disputation.

                                       Tomorrow doesn’t prove anything.

                                       Fascism talks to you in your sleep.

                                       Their reward is your just desserts.

                                       Playing the game, my love, changes the rules.

                                       As we act, not as we are denoted.

                                       Ideology’s willing executioners.

                                       They sing the world to sleep while they strangle it.

                                       I is a pronoun (Je est un pronom).

                                       Robots counting to infinity dream of soluble fish.

FORCE-FIELD 4           Your random thoughts have been chosen for you.

AUTOMATON 5           All epistemologies run into language as into a wall.

                                       The emotional condition of stairways.

                                       They’ve found the coinslot called “meaning” in the backs of their heads.

                                       Baudelaire in English spells C.I.A.

                                       When is a red flag (not) a red flag?

                                       There’s no such thing as a “divided mind.”

                     (Love, or

                       the ideal exchange-value

                      of the ideal commodity.)

                                       Your AI has been programmed to detect the first signs.

                                       To persist is also a methodology.

                                       The children have played long enough!

                                       Hello, are you happy?

DNA                              The opposite of a beginning, or:

                                       the world is proof to the contrary.

                                       To overcome nuclear reactions, a metaphor:

                                       «La beauté sera REPULSIVE ou ne sera pas!»

                                       Poetry in action is revolution.

                                       Catastrophe management.

                                       Circular arguments aren’t a new horizon.

                                       Unreservedly, time is of the essence.

FORCE-FIELD 5           Only words can renounce language; all POETRY is alien.






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