30000 Years of Market Consolidation (full text PDF / printable A3)

Their revolution was to invent new categories for the miscategorised.
Remanded in custody without trial date.
For the time being the stock exchanges remained open —
it was cold there were cathedrals of democracy police hours
privately cell-spent worn-out beaten a blaze of hair.
Commodity montage wakes each morning from yr sleep.
In early childhood to create bare essentials
enlarged barbiturate liver Sprache Orchestr
love bipolar alphanumeric code ruthenium.
Pacification is the face of a sales clerk algorithmically modified to your preference.
Microtraumas swelling retinal unkindness.
The spaceship tried to escape the atomic plague by flying into a blackhole.
Joint-stock exoplanet mining lease is your obsolescence in action.
Why beg when there’s no such thing as an equal wage?
One machine washes the hands of the other.
AI sleeper-cells infecting the frontier —
their edited SHOCK-EFFECT was a faithful portrayal of nothing.
Once more rearing its ugly head: Realism.
Step 1: Make their semantic wire-tap operation unworkable.
Capitalism is the superego of the computed classes. Discuss.
Sunset matriculating to feedback of gunshot sky. Mengele eigenface forensics.
Is the principle requirement of art a practice of indifference?
You were lost it was already dark
the search for linguistic universals continued long past dawn.
Still the hours have been found wanting.
To encapsulate life in a single working hypothesis?
The planning & regulating of poverty in all its aspects, for example.
Lethal biologies of starkness rigour comsat embryo deluge. Delete “of.”
To kneel once more before the legislative protection racket.
The intimacy of separation is forever making televised appeals.
There, where contrition showed for almost —
chain-reaction nude along vertical axis Pyongyang frequent flyer programme.
Eco-Maserati vs Milchkaffeepolitik?
Mass. Consensual. Rape.
To remake the image in its own world,
confined by sleep that watches over you like a cop.
Step 2: Repeat.
Sentimental eyeball kerosene.
Poetry isn’t the confiscated grievances of prettified fontanelles.
They’re out to get us, is an a priori only for those who know how to strike first.
Petri dish raygun particles making undertones of parodic rhapsody.
They have too readily operated in the gap between art & its results.
Nature knows no consensus people are fake news.
Mouthwash verbiage arson attack.
Love, they said, with their backs to the precipice.
Now they are consigned to other virtuals —
remorseless cryogenics building compulsory optimism the eternal plebiscite.
History’s witness-intimidation scheme.
To have invented nothing, not even themselves.
The only philosophical question of any importance today,
is how to “wrest back” alienation’s means-of-production?
Lights dance in our heads when we are unable.
But is the mind merely a disease of the fully-automated nervous system?
Robots know the future they’ve seen the same movies you have.

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