INTERIOR MINISTRY, DEATH MASK SUTRA (2018), published by Alienist magazine

Interior Ministry, DEATH MASK SUTRA 1.0.4 (FULL BOOK) (PDF)

“But these extravagant forebodings dwindled in the light of reason. True, the word ‘Plague’ had been uttered; true, at this very moment one or two victims were being seized & laid low by the disease. Still, that cld stop, or be stopped. It was only a matter of lucidly recognising what had to be recognised; of expelling extraneous shadows & doing what needed to be done. Then the Plague wld come to an end, because it was unthinkable, or, rather, because one thought of it on misleading lines. If, as was most likely, it died out, all wld be well. If not, one wld know it anyhow for what it was.” (Albert Camus)

“From an epidemic point of view, the Plague is the only disease exactly resembling art.” (Antonin Artaud)

The revolution is now. Plague City, year zero. A contemporary retelling of Boccaccio’s Decameron, played-out against the backdrop of the 2000 Prague anti-globalisation riots, DEATH MASK SUTRA is a relentless parody of neoliberal economics & light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel political irrealism.






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