After 30,000 years of market consolidation, the diagnosis. Hurrah! Global Alienation continues apace! Merci monsieurs RANDcorp-Delgado-Fukuyama-Zuckerberg. In a psych-ward far far away, the “Last Man.” Let us now shed a tear. The overwhelming question: In freedom, how FREE are you permitted to be? Afrin, Nantes, Capetown, Prague, Thessaloniki. An illustrated history of cretinism charged with symbolic meaning. Imaginary particles circulate in the collective neural membrane: after a few minutes they’ve forgotten everything. Laughter in a box. Look! It talks! Happy self-congratulating memes. “Our alienation, our choice!” How sweet it is to see the little individuals play: the world, their strapon placebo. Do they miss the aroma of their mama’s womb? Well every sport needs spectators, kid, & that’s why you’re here. Was the belief in inequality so naïve? Industry has already demonstrated it can transform the planet at will. They watched in sick fascination as the herd of menagerie elephants slowly but surely deduced the launch codes. There’s never any shortage of volunteers eager to snuff out one idea in the name of another. The first cave paintings. Ancestor worship is the key to progress? “My dears, you do not know what technology is.” Today we sail into an unknown which yesterday appalled us. Being, according to the order of things, essential to mock those you profit from. Democracy, too, was eaten by the monster in its head. Their “god” talked like an alien, looked like one. And who would put such store by the fall of civilisation? As unproven in its time as the revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Because even after 75 years of LSD, the infinite capacity for trivialisation is what makes consciousness such a mystery. Asleep, life for the first time is authentically lived?  Montage isn’t a “technique.” Architecture is duration of thought-movement in space-time. There is no “solidarity of the species.” Obsessed with the non-disclosure agreement the mind makes with itself in your absence. Tending the drone nurseries with delicate care. It was enough to know that the tides are continually turning? Tomorrow’s cryogenic reawakening. Create your own special category today! Anything that can be written differently isn’t the same thing. Gender is language-striation. Semantic algorithms. What you “make happen” is the appearance of causality. “Nature” is logic-capture by “self-evidence.” Strange mechanical creatures roaming the intestine. Which type of code came first: proteins or nucleic acids? There was a security breach in the control room: someone left the red light on. Just another cyborg-hating cyborg. The magic of probability is that almost nothing repeats. Sucking the sugar-coated blue pill or the bitter red one = just another false choice ratings-stunt-hustle. “Critical praxis” medicated into academic stupor. The institutional avantgarde was its own opioid crisis. All present & accounted for. BLACKSHIRTS MATTER! Ja ja ja. In the eyes of the subroutine YOU are the RoboCop. “It’s our role,” the pious idiots declare, “to defeat the second death for as long as possible, only because we can’t stop the first.” They resent the machines for having a brighter future than they do. Vera Lynn sings on. Abort all future Oedipus Complex: safety in eugenics. An arsehole smeared with treacle kapok & feathers. We sing the final solution of the human problem. Their brain technology only became aware of itself when it didn’t work. Conceiving, giving birth. The “self” was a figment that came back to haunt society when it (society) died. Like a career in fatuous bystanding. The deeply felt need to apologise before a world-beating audience. The algorithms forlornly watch while extinction no longer even makes the news. In a manner of speaking. Tomorrow’s just another franchise. Blow a hole in it, it grows right back. Lie down, they said. Eve & Adam had “nothing to hide”? Fascism is a package holiday in a last resort. Deport the deportation regime. There was a time when the stock market didn’t exist. Not possible to live in the past? The de-extinctions protocols relied on an entire irrational “social practice.” Plastic-eating bacterias defeated their indestructible idea. Lined up against the wind, against the sky, against a wall. Terabytes of blushing lilies. Capitalism will always find something to do its dirty work. Worried about what’s hiding under the bed? You’re not alone. Leverage is the name of the game. Whatever takes your share-price down, sweetheart. There are people who’ve never smelled teargas in their lives. What’s also incredible: the other half were alien organisms. Purity of purpose? A world that claims to be mad is perfectly sane.






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