Culture is the dead cat thrown onto the table.

In political warfare, psychological operations are the factor that determines results.

As it is structured, not as it is composed.

Writing beyond terrestrial limits.

The first bridge to be burned is the one by which you would return.

Disruption, like the weather, is commodifiable.

A century’s cadaver spiralling in the maelstrom.

Only the OPPORTUNITY for power is unintended.

Once upon a time, the subterranean languages of hidden force.

The literal is merely the figurative asleep.

Psychosis or the operative structure of illusion?

Undescribe the dance-movement of drones.

Between social credit & the political doctrine of odious debt.

Dark codecs of optimisation.

Another defeat celebrated in the cultural sanitation reports.

Art has too long gone question-begging.

Like clotted sands of time in used tinfoil.

Your allegiance to reality is quite touching.

The violent collision of the flat world & the poetic world.

Those who’ve never smelled tear gas.

Subsistence isn’t enough.

Illegal language technologies in constant communication.

Poetry in the crosshairs or not at all.

The dangers of meaning weighed against the impossibility of not.

Barrage, contact, withdraw, outflank.

What emerges from the vacuum of power?

Once the mind has been reached, the “political animal” is vanquished.

Nothingness is still just a word.

Your purchase on reality, returned with interest.

Equal before the judgement of pre-consent.

Long hard hours of intense disillusionment.

Desire produces its objects, from the choices allotted it.

The Corporate-State Apparatus lives in your head rent-free.

Algorithms of the unpresentable.

The “individual,” constituted by force, “acts” by force.

They sing the paradox of the public.

Do not confuse poetry with sociology.

Those who listen to the grass growing are soon to be fertiliser.

To exist without the conditions for existence?

Poetic violence is the disillusionment of abstract forms of social control.

There’s never been a “forced retrenchment” of progress.

To draw parallels between art & life (non-Euclidean)?

Acceleration depends on the frames of reference.

Who hasn’t dreamt of the commodity not for sale?

To escape, first you must steal your own corpse.

How many myths of disillusionment mask the void of realism?

Revolution for everyone who doesn’t want it.

Debt is the implanted memory of the future.

To hysterically rebuild what has fallen apart?

The “present moment” isn’t identical to every other “present moment.”

Language dynamics within the global confinement facility.

The ontology of disappearing.

Control of meaning is the “priority objective” of all ideological warfare.

Deep State chaos agents.

Their names aren’t unknown to you.

A grit of silicon thirsty for the infinite.

There are metaphysical destinies even in polyurethane

This affliction called art or life.

To depict the way a protoplasm in a jar depicts.

Power is only as “invulnerable” as its systems of control.

Turning language into a “crowd dispersal strategy.”

How fatalistic seems the face of a clock.

In the laboratories of the Corporate-State, only gravity escapes the “shock of capture.”

The resistance, not the fact.

Language doesn’t describe the inner lives of remotely configured human agents.

The whole visible universe is SURPLUS VALUE.

De-sentimentalising survival in alien circumstances.

Culture is the human social form of capitalist social content.

The vertiginous spiral from sublime to trash.

Nothing is too good for the consumer classes.

Their dream was of a fiscally accountable poetry.

Homeless installation piece turning fringe-element commodity.

Political warfare is language war.

Civil disturbance as “primary source” of life-information.

The conditions of meaning condition the meaning.

Steps towards an acid-armed consciousness.

A blank slate’s no more a starting-point than a frontal lobotomy.

There’s always one future they’ll never let you forget.





























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