On the anniversary of the “Velvet Revolution,” an international meeting of artists, activists & theorists from diverse backgrounds will take in Prague to discuss & plan strategies & tactics for creative emancipation & insurgency under a global regime of algorithmic control & co-option. Subjects will range from Xenofeminism to Sinofuturism, Accelerationism, Alienism, the Anthropocene, Big Data & the “Technological Singularity.”  The three-day colloquium  will be accompanied by a group exhibition (incorporating alt’ai — Qiao Lin, Paul Heinicker, Daria Stupina, Lukáš Likavčan).

RAGE AGAINST THE ALGORITHM, 8 November & 16-18 November, Display (association for research and collective practice) @DisplayPrague, Dittrichova 337/9, 120 00 Nové Město, Prague.

Speakers/performers/exhibitors includeHelen Hester, Nina Živančević, Mark Amerika, Caldera Cognitive Security, Dalibor Knapp, Louis Armand, Vít Bohal, Diann Bauer, Thomas Murphy, Negative Metropolitics, Kevin Rogan, Andrew Bell, Ville KallioEli Ningú, Jo Blin, Michael Rowland, Casey Carr, Dustin Breitling, Germán Sierra, M.S. Mekibes, David Vichnar, Nick Srnicek, Andre Werner in association with Directors Lounge (Berlin), Interior Ministry, Zvlášť Collective, Anarchist.Org, DJ Autopoetic, knowbotiq & Diffractions Collective.

In association with ALIENIST magazine @alienmanifest & Litteraria Pragensia. For further details write to litteraria@gmail.com.

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Digital space has allowed humans to communicate at staggering speed, while at the same time allowing for virtually instant reterritorialization. Service providers trawl for Big Data & sell them to the highest bidder, transforming the internet polis into a commodities market. As the future blockchains itself into existence, informational monopoly constitutes a new type of threat for the global semiosphere. With the potential for unlimited computational power over the new cyber-reality comes also the potential for untold corruption affecting the very constituents of that reality.

In the words of McKenzie Wark, “Information wants to be free but is everywhere in chains.” This is a maxim which applies doubly to an endlessly reproducible & readily transferable digital ontology which truly has nothing but its chains to lose. The Cathedral has its informers & its agents provocateurs, as much as it has its discontents: Aaron Swartz, Laboria Cuboniks, Alexandra Elbakyan, Library Genesis – these are some of the dissidents of the digital age, representative of a broader countermovement of direct action, copyleft, open source, gender hacking, transfuturism, redistribution, sabotage, appropriation, dys-information, glitching, etc.

In standard parlance, the hack has become ubiquitous as a gesture of resistance, but how do we “hack back” against the algorithmic domination of everyday life? How to transpose the critical from the analytical into a radical poetics of insurrectionary imagination? How to recode the “unfit for purpose” cyber-polis from corporate-panoptic data-surveillance Police State to open-source polymorphous perversion rife with the unpermitted, the non-predetermined & the impenitent – in a world where these terms aren’t immediately reducible to alt.right reactionary extremism & commodified kitsch?


8.11 // 18:00 – 22:00 // EXHIBITION / VERNISSAGE

ALT’AI // Qiao Lin, Paul Heinicker, Daria Stupina, Lukáš Likavčan

RAGE AGAINST THE ALGORITHM // Mark Amerika, “Lake Como Remix” // Diann Bauer, “XF take 4” // Jo Blin, “The Archaeologist Will Be Back Tomorrow” // Interior Ministry, “ALIENISM” // Thomas Murphy, Kevin Rogan, Andrew Bell, Ville Kallio, “Global Mind Sewer” // Michael Rowland, “The Monkey’s 1 million three hundred & sixty seven thousand nine hundred & ninety third attempt at writing out the complete works of Shakespeare” // Germán Sierra, “flesh-forward” // Andre Werner & Directors Lounge, “Die Sitte des Bilderfressens (The Custom of Eating Pictures)”

16.11 // 18:00 – 22:00 // COLLOQUIUM

Michael Rowland, “Mook Manifesto”

Eli Ningu, “The Mysterious Case of the Invisible Third Meme”

Dalibor Knapp, “Labours of Love”

Helen Hester, “Status Updates: New Adventures in the Human Machine”

17.11 // 18:00 – 21:00 // COLLOQUIUM

Caldera Cognitive Security, “Cyber-Nihilism”

knowbotiq, “Amazonian Flesh: the techno-political conditions of logistics, post-labour and strike 4.0”

Interior Ministry, “Aliènisme en garde”

Nina Živančević, “Artificial Intelligence vs. Artificial Ignorance (& Other Tales from the Cabinet of Rancière’s Ignorant Master)”

Velvet Revolution Redux / DJ Autopoetic (Martin Lauer)

18.11 // 18:00 – 22:00 // COLLOQUIUM & FINISSAGE

David Vichnar & Tim König, “A Post-Truth Elegy for a Verifiable World”

Thomas Murphy, “To the Edge of Time”

Louis Armand, “Conspiracies of the Future”

Mark Amerika, “Glitch Ontology”

Roundtable: Helen Hester, Nina Živančević, Mark Amerika, Dalibor Knapp, Louis Armand, Vít Bohal, Nick Srnicek


Hosted by the Centre For CRITICAL & CULTURAL THEORY, Philosophy Faculty, Charles University; DISPLAY; DIFFRACTIONS COLLECTIVE & ALIENIST magazine http://www.alienism.eu @AlienManifest



kreas*This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund-Project “Creativity & Adaptability as Conditions of the Success of Europe in an Interrelated World” (No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000734) & by the Centre for Critical & Cultural Theory, Philosophy Faculty, Charles University, Prague.

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