It appears the force of poetry is in direct proportion to its illegality.


Poetry is suppressed wherever it represents a threat to the rationale of social order.


It follows that wherever it isn’t suppressed, it is perceived to offer no such threat.


Yet such perceptions are never left to chance & are always accompanied by a system of denigration.


Contempt & ridicule are the companions of criminality.


Poetry’s threat stems not from any claim to power, but from a parodic force, against which no regime of coerced language is immune.


Poetry threatens the discourse of power with open subversion whenever it refuses to be compliant.


Non-compliant poetry is either criminalized or institutionalized.


All institutions of poetry amount to psychiatric gulags, in which the inmates are flattered into believing they are the guards.


Criminal poetry exists on the fringes of representation, forcibly negated wherever it openly appears.


Criminal poetry is the secret language of Corporate-State paranoia, spoken aloud.


Wherever the suppression of poetry is an objective of the Corporate-State, subversion of the Corporate-State Apparatus is the raison d’être of poetry.


Poetry that disavows its own violence is expended poetry.


Poetry that refuses to do so, equates itself with insurrection, sedition, blasphemy: in all but the most liberated societies, these are “capital” crimes.












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