1. What is Alienism?

Alienism is a threat that always materializes.


2. Could you explain, for those who still haven’t understood your manifesto, the movement’s aims & demands in today’s art world & society?

Seizing the word/image from the processes of commodity-inanition & the expropriations of semantic-political power by the Corporate-State Apparatus.


3. Talking about the Corporate-State Apparatus & your aim to seize power from it, what direct action have you already taken to achieve this goal?

It isn’t merely a question of breaking the rules of the Corporate-State, but of the language in which they are stated.


4. How & with what means does your collective seek to “break the language”?

Structure is content, yet form is the alienation of structure. There is no binary opposition. Alienation, pulled from the background of everyday life, fills the width & depth of the image of society.



JUNE 2018


! kafkabug copy











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