Alienation, n. 1. state of being alienated, estranged, disenfranchised, foreign; 2. condition of subjectivity in capitalist industrialist societies; 3. mania; the estrangement of Reason; schizophrenia (“mental alienism”); 4. expropriation of personage; expropriation of legal or property rights; 5. estrangement from the means of production of social reality; commodification; 6. subjection to a system of control-force under the guise of collective or individual emancipation.


Alienism, n. 1. (arch.) branch of social medicine concerned with diagnosis & treatment of mental alienism (Philippe Pinel); 2. (arch.) system or ideology of alienage (quality of being or making alien); 3. (contemp.) critique of alienation as the constitutive condition & system of control of the Corporate-State Apparatus.


Alienist, n. 1. practitioner of alienism; 2. one who fights economic & cultural totalitarianism with unconventional weapons, using unconventional means.


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