A breach has been made with the past, bringing into perspective new aspects of alienation: the morphology of a dead technical civilisation in the fictional process of resurrection! And we are returning again to the “honesty of thought & feeling?”

This holographic world is being shaken out of its torpor by a four-billion-year-old technology.

Yet a collective interest in the Anthropocene is not the “corporate interest,” though the broad lines of its future development are narrowing logarithmically.

If the outward forms of the new alienation differ fundamentally from those of the old, these are not the aesthetics of a “movement” avid for attention at any cost. But simply the inevitable product of the alienating conditions of the epoch. A century’s earnest & pregnant struggle preceded its eventual emergence.

The path of development of the new alienation represents a serious obstacle, made only to appear obscure by conflicting theories & dogmas. Worst of all, its denial has already, & not by chance, become institutionalised. That is why every critical tendency convinced of its historical mission must be purged from within.

Theoretical catchwords & catchphrases, like “accelerationism” & “economies are assembled from flows,” have the effect of deflecting alienation into external channels (the transcendental object par excellence) or making it merely one-sided (the mechanics of irreversibility).

This is reflected in a general ignorance of alienation’s radically (pre)conditional character. An ignorance that mistakes it for a “bridge uniting opposite poles,” between historical materialism & technological transcendentalism.

Consequently Alienism has been mistaken for an aesthetics of paradox. But can the real nature & significance of Alienism be conveyed by a mere stance & counterstance?

Rationalisation by pseudo-dialectics isn’t a purifying agency but an alibi for planned social obsolescence. Just as “emancipation” of architecture by functionalism masks the purely formal character of its “economic solutions.”

Both find their counterpart in the alienation of everyday life. For whereas rationalism is the construction of a unified method of social control, alienation implies a predetermination of reality itself.

Set upon their course, there is “no going back.”

New resources of alienation have further accelerated this ideological manufacture of the “real”: an isometric whose fluid molecular density has made it possible to erect a global array of transparent structures.

Together they constitute a “Great Chain” or a “Great Wall.” Yet this most pervasive of all social architectures cannot even be seen.

Only by its ruin does it become visible.





















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