Principles of Anarchitecture (full book/PDF), Interior Ministry (2019)

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“Completion through removal. Abstraction of surfaces. Not-building, not-to-rebuild, not-built-space. Creating spatial complexity reading new openings against old surfaces. Light admitted into space or beyond surfaces that are cut. Breaking & entering. Approaching structural collapse, separating the parts at the point – the point of collapse. Translating the diagram into its structural context. What’s beyond the building’s surface. Rather than using language, using walls. Looking through the thing. The ambiguity, what’s there & not, as much as the whole.”

– Gordon Matta-Clark, Manifesto (1978)


  1. FORM FOLLOWS DYSFUNCTION Synthesis isn’t an aggregate but an operation feeding off entropy (the exchange-mechanism of “Capital”). // 001b. FORM STALKS DYSFUNCTION Utopia is a non-place the intellect retreats to in order to fail on its own terms, to enjoy every painful contraction. Heresy was able to claim that nothing had really changed; the world was the same as ever, the exile no different than before. There is no going back once was written.


  1. ACCUMULATION OF CAPITAL INTO FRICTIONLESS INTERSECTING PLANES Entropy is proportional to the logarithm of the total number of microstates (ways an architecture can be configured in microcosm while leaving its general description unchanged). // 002b. ACCUMULATION OF CAPITAL IN PREPARATION FOR A PLANETARY IMPACT EVENT Entropy is proportional to the logarithm expressing the total number of microstates (people). An architecture can be configured whose general description is unhinged. The Anthropocene is the art object par excellence.


  1. ARCHITECTURE BELIEVES THAT IT IS MORE THAN A THING AMONG THINGS Redeveloping commodified false-consciousness into a unifying system of commodified spacetime. // 003b. ARCHITECTURE BELIEVES THAT IT’S MORE THAN ANOTHER THING AMONG THINGS Developing commodified false-consciousness into a unifying system demands liminal fraud, contortions of the hindbrain, the elongated ridges of the hippocampus. Origin is guesswork, character assassination: a disused cut-up – ensign of social ignition.


  1. CONSTRUCTION BY CORRELATION The impetus of architectural “economies of scale” is the communication between quantum & cosmos. // 004b. CONSTRUCTION BY PARALLAX VIEW Architecture gives shape to the communication between quantum & cosmos, assuming the character of “understance” – the lineaments of a spectral countenance, quivering threads of white light.


  1. ORDER BY ESCALATION Singularity abolishes the singular (Kowloon-syndrome). // 005b. DISORDER BY ESCALATION For a given energy there’s an upper limit to the density of information about the elements that comprise it, implying spacetime itself can’t be infinitely subdivided. All bodies of reference are equal for the description of phenomena, whatever their state of motion. Grace is the exception.


  1. PANOPTICISM ISN’T A STYLE The dead hand of teleology: design-morality is a mirror held up to an algorithm. // 006b. PANOPTICISM ISN’T A STYLE A mirror held up to algae floating on the surface of the sea. Origin is enlisted, readily absorbed. To render it transparent, to dissolve it with the penetrating force of the gaze, seems to be the reader’s mission.


  1. THERE IS NO ARCHITECTURAL “PROBLEM” Ideologically removed from its spatiotemporal constraints, the proliferation of forms assumes an essentially dimensionless character of information. // 007b. ARCHITECTURE HAS NO CONCEPTION Ideologically removed from its spatiotemporal constraints, the proliferation of forms assumes the dimensionless character of information, yet another blank page: a creator who intervenes, a creator who does not intervene – a case of variance held in counterpoise.


  1. CRISIS IS THE ESSENTIAL OVERPLUS A surface is the accumulation of images of the space around it, proportional to its maximum possible entropy (volume is nothing but information-density). // 008b. CRISIS AS EVENT OVERSPILL A surface is the accumulation of images & spaces magnetized to it, often interpreted as the degree of randomness in a system, a lack of order or predictability – existence as data surfeit: the insignificance of your nullified dignity.


  1. INSPIRED BY THE LAW OF ECONOMY & GOVERNED BY MATHEMATICAL CALCULATION, THE FATAL WEAKNESS OF ARCHITECTURE IS ITS INHERENT LACK OF EVIDENCE The fetish of transcendence is the fetish of negation. // 009b. CONSPIRING AGAINST THE LAWS OF ECOLOGY & GOVERNED BY ECONOMIC CALCULATION, THE SOLE CREDENTIAL OF ARCHITECTURE IS ITS UNAFFORDABILITY Transcendence is the fetish of negation, infidel. He is mighty & wise in his method of alienation (a large island populated by surviving convicts). A flexible tube is inserted through a narrow opening in the flesh. Origin is translating, up on the roof, up on the roof.

Principles of Architecture 1

  1. DOMESTIC GEOSTRATEGIES FOR A MASS PSYCHOSIS OF THE BESIEGED Like a pre-packaged frozen lunch, social democracy, having met with unheard-of humiliations, discovers no other recourse than to demand more. // 010b. MASS PSYCHOSIS OF THE BESIEGED Like a pre-packaged frozen lunch, vibrating, the soundless hum of deep forest. This third temptation, the conviction that what is believed by the many is unassailable, is a terrifying prefiguration of tyranny by the self-obsessed, who – having conjured unheard-of humiliations – have no further recourse than to demand another all-day breakfast & photograph it. In any event, the world remains tethered to the nearest star.


  1. THE TELOS OF CONSTRUCTION TENDS ULTIMATELY TOWARD IMPLOSION Philosophy has sought to separate existence into different conceptual planes, unaware that there are no concepts, only structures. // 011b. CONSTRUCTION TENDS TOWARD IMPLOSION Philosophy has sought to separate existence into different conceptual planes, unaware that there are no concepts, only the séance of language. It’s very easy to leave an object behind, absentminded over the years. It’s when one substitutes destruction for mutation that one is freed from the catastrophic. Origin is an end in itself.


  1. THE ILLUSION OF NATURE EMERGES FROM ALIENATION An architecture that can arise anywhere, at any time (biosystems of the virtual). // 012b. THE ILLUSION OF NATURE MERGES INTO ALIENATION An architect can spring up out of the earth anywhere, at any time. Prefixes were used to describe how many faults occurred during the levitational period, placed carefully with an axe set diagonal. Put simply: judiciously planned social intercourse, valium.


  1. DISASTER ISN’T THE EXCEPTION, BUT THE PREMISE To hysterically rebuild what has fallen apart. // 013b. DISASTER ISN’T THE EXCEPTION BUT THE PROMISE To hysterically rebuild what has fallen apart: Billy’s Orb of Transcendentalism. In medieval science & medicine, one of the four bodily humours.


  1. THE SOCIAL IS THE ALGORITHMIC IMAGINARY All form is isometric to the information “inscribed” on the surface of its boundary. // 014b. ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR: ALGORITHM OF THE MAGUS All form is beholden to the information inscribed on the surface of its boundary. Your ruin is an essential precondition. (We suffer unequal footfall.) Tension is developed without contraction of the muscle, incorporating a method of showing perspective in which the three principal dimensions are 120° apart. To this day we have had the same wilderness between us & some distant homestead; we forget, wherefrom.


  1. ACCUMULATE / ACCELERATE / ENERVATE According to architectural logic: if there is no outside of (the) structure, building is Time. // 015b. ACCUMULATE! ACCELERATE! ENERVATE! EVISCERATE! According to architectural logic, if there is no outside, time is trapped in the building. Origin is a vessel (flowering plants, ferns & their accusers).


  1. SPATIAL ACTION IS TEMPORAL FORM The moment architecture steps away from Humanism, the question of Being, of Thought, of Time, returns to the status of a technological question. // 016b. SPATIAL INACTION AS TEMPORAL BLINDNESS The moment architecture steps away from humans, the question of Being – Thought, Time et cetera – returns to the status of a technological quagmire, the language game. The supernatural: everything that isn’t you.


  1. THE MYTH OF DISILLUSIONMENT MASKS THE VOID OF REALISM A façade thrown up around the absence of “social representation.” // 017b. CAGE FIGHT: THE MYTH OF DISILLUSIONMENT VERSUS THE VOID OF REALISM A façade thrown up to confirm the blank cheque of infinite momentum. Origin is voiceless. The inability to produce speech is due to a ruptured amniotic sac.


  1. “A CONCRETE ANALYSIS OF A CONCRETE SITUATION” To abstract is to construct a plane on which operations can occur. // 018b. CONCRETE ANALYSIS OF A CONCRETE SITUATION: THE NATIONAL NEAR-EARTH OBJECT PREPAREDNESS STRATEGY ACTION PLAN Impact events have served as a plot & background element for centuries. This tactic constructs a plane on which operations can occur, though the intentions of local birdlife remain obscure.


  1. THE ONLY CERTAINTY IS THAT ARCHITECTURE EXISTS As familiar yet remote as the image of Earth from outer-space. // 019b. THE ONLY CERTAINTY IS THAT ARCHITECTURE LIVES ELSEWHERE As familiar yet remote as the image of Earth from outer-space, we lie together tyrannized in a general hierarchy of souls, doused with petrol & set to ignite.

Principles of Architecture 2

  1. DISTORTION IS THE GENERAL MODUS OPERANDUS The meaninglessness of the “immaterial”: architecture fabricates its own necessity by planing-down (floating points, weak boundaries, isolations, branchings, ambivalences). // 020b. DISTORTION IS THE GENERAL MODUS OPERANDUS Function & meaning through an open relationship (of course, there is always the great acausal chain of being). The next moment each of these chance forms vanished without trace; the rock was at least half a million years old & the artefact could not possibly have been made by human hands. Origin repeats what has already been said.


  1. THE SET OF ALL (DYSFUNCTIONAL) SETS For a given energy in a given volume, there is an upper limit to the density of information about the elements that comprise it, implying that spacetime itself cannot be subdivided infinitely many times & that there must be a fundamental spatiotemporality. // 021b. THE SET OF ALL DYSFUNCTIONAL SETS Under the sign of a trefoil: floating points, weak boundaries, isolation, breaks in continuity, branchings, ambiguity, lack of character or differentiation. A terrible storm overcame the vehicle in which they were fatally injured by lightning. Witness a lack of social control, misalliance.


  1. THE SHOCK-OF-CAPTURE PRESUMES AN AFTERSHOCK Spatial planning as a weapon of mass fragmentation & the “balance of terror.” // 022b. THE POISONING OF THE EVERYDAY IS ILL-PREPARED FOR OUR AFTERSHOCK The use of spatial planning as a weapon of mass fragmentation in the balance of terror, i.e. a bridge being mistaken for repetition.


  1. ARCHITECTURE IS STILL DISCUSSED STYLISTICALLY, WHEREAS ITS ESSENCE IS IDEOLOGICAL The Xeno-paradox: there are no concrete situations (foundational alienism). // 023b. ARCHITECTURE IS STILL DISCUSSED, WHEREAS IT IS ESSENTIALLY OBSOLETE There are no concrete situations. A form possessed of a penetrating brain is also of the opinion that the herb is indeed under the dominion of Saturn, & we prove it by this argument.


  1. THE PERCEPTION OF TIME BY SPATIAL CONCEPTS Time-travel duration: dilated Time, extruded Space. // 024b. THE PERCEPTION OF TIME TRAVEL VIA PURELY SPATIAL CONCEPTS The expulsion of Time from paradise. We were determined to reach the Sphinx early the next morning. Origin is psychometric, a gigantic film set that has eaten the real.


  1. ARCHITECTURE WITHOUT ARCHITECTURE IF NECESSARY Architecture isn’t required to define a centre of political gravity: power is maximized in distribution. // 025b. ARCHITECTURE WITHOUT ARCHITECTS, PREFERABLY Architecture isn’t required to define a centre of political gravity. Power is maximized in the resources of reality itself: your irresolution.


  1. DISORDER INHABITS THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM Heteronomies of systemic crisis (entropology). // 026b. DISORDERLY INHABITING THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM We are subject to no law or standard external to ourselves. Origin is having its own laws & eating them. Thus we are led to a conclusion antithetical to what you just screamed aloud; all those things which you call full are void, the presence of other bodies leaves no space unoccupied.


  1. ARCHITECTURE GIVES THE ILLUSION THAT A RAPIDLY CHANGING SEQUENCE OF REALITIES IS OBJECTIVELY UNIFIED BY IT Whereas history-as-progress implies teleology as perpetual change, in its post-historical formulation it signifies the contrary: teleology as the implosion of the real. // 027b. ARCHITECTURE GIVES THE ILLUSION THAT A RAPIDLY CHANGING SEQUENCE OF REALITIES CAN BE UNIFIED Whereas we envisage an architecture of atoms that can achieve stasis at will, a suspension of the moving electric charge within which the force of magnetism acts: a freezing of velocity such that Earth stands still.


  1. FORM IS SIMULATED NECESSITY There is no content, only information: “value” is defined by the limit between entropy & surface-density. // 028b. FORM IS SIMULATED NECESSITY There is no context, only information: value is defined by the boundary between entropy & surface-density. We are preceded by our event. The romantic hero, the voice of a romantic hero, acts as a subjectified individual with no feelings, no future.


  1. THE SITUATION OF CONSTRUCTION ENTERS INTO THE SITUATION OF THE COMMODITY Matter refracted through the medium of ideology. // 029b. THE ENIGMA OF CONSTRUCTION HAUNTS THE COMMODITY Matter refracted through the medium of ideology: arson, the isolated transcendent – a measure of the rate of electron transfer in a particular message.

Principles of Architecture 3

  1. ARCHITECTURE CAN ONLY PROFFER ITS OWN AB-STRACTION, ITS SEPARATION FROM ITSELF, ITS OWN VOID Architecture defines a zone of contradiction, between transcendence & collapse. // 030b. ARCHITECTURE OFFERS ITS OWN IDEAL: SEPARATION FROM ITSELF Architecture defines a zone of painful, ecstatic contraction, a climax trapped between transcendence & collapse; you alone are the cornerstone. A continuous expanse is thus abandoned, leaving a blank space between printed, typed or written words. Your own time is short considering what has happened & how little has been achieved.


  1. ALL STRUCTURE IS DYNAMIC Architectonics: terraform, textform, technoform. // 031b. DECAY AS STRUCTURE Terraformers, returning again & again to dreams of that kidney. We were finally deciphered in the third millennium. But in science fiction in particular, our planet was transformed to resemble the Earth so that it could digest all human life.


  1. THE RE-EVOLUTION OF THE 3-DIMENSIONAL GRID From vertical montage to image arcology: construction is a zero-sum of “symbolic” desire, diagonalised along the axis of the “Real.” // 032b. COLLAPSE OF THE 3-DIMENSIONAL GRID A vortex, angelology – since these conflicts, our horror of the human countenance has increased. Within the bank & ditch are the remains of a stone circle; to this is added the moral qualification which declares the voice to be an evil spirit under a ban. An ideal integrated city sprawls across a vast horizontal plain that stretches to infinity, allowing maximum destruction of the surrounding environment. We are dispersed to the limits of an encompassing horizon.


  1. TEMPORALITY IS THE UNREPRESENTABLE ANISOTROPY OF SPACE Architectural change is the acceleration of the disintegrative process into a material stasis. // 033b. TEMPORALITY IS THE UNREPRESENTABLE TROPE OF THE VOID Some elements have only one radioactive isotope. Our cherished substance has a different value when measured in different directions. (An example is wood.) Architectural change is the acceleration of the disintegrative process into stasis, a countercheck to industriousness, the refusal to sit still & shut up. In this state, to accept death is total detachment. Origin is not our equal.


  1. FORMALISM’S PROGRESS IS A UNIFIED WALL Crypto-social blockchains zoning the territory of “emancipation.” // 034b. FORMALISM’S PROGRESS IS A CONFEDERATED WALL OF FAT Crypto-social blockchains zone the territory of emancipation, an alienation impossible to erect.


  1. THE HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE IS A SEDIMENT OF IRREDUCIBLE QUALITIES An invisible edifice on which “subjectivity” is displayed like an ornament. // 035b. THE HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE AS A CORROSIVE SEDIMENT Another story! Have we reached the end of your sentence? Or have you been overlooked? When we speak of the built environment, we mean an invisible edifice on which subjectivity is displayed like an ornamental cow.


  1. ARCHITECTURE DEFINES THE COEXISTENCE OF SURPLUS & AUSTERITY Social relations are also objects. // 036b. ARCHITECTURE EMBODIES THE COEXISTENCE OF SURPLUS & AUSTERITY Social relations are a sequence of imploded instants.


  1. REIFICATION IS A CONCEPT Creating a new “unthought” for architecture. // 037b. SÉANCE: CONCEPTUALISM’S EGO Creating a new thought for architecture; we refer here to post-painterly abstraction, not shopping. You have mistaken spatial neglect for temporal forgetfulness. Origin is extraction. Your own cell lacks a nucleus.


  1. STRUCTURE ISN’T AN AUTONOMOUS OBJECT Abolishing “form” while preserving “content” is the illusion of a moral foundation for purposeful living. // 038b. STRUCTURE IS AUTOMAGICAL Abolishing all form while preserving context: the amoral foundation of a purposeless existence, an environment stolen from the damned. Origin is speechless.


  1. ARCHITECTURE IS THE HYPNOTISM OF SOCIAL PROGRESS In an impoverished culture, the poorest means of dwelling are inevitably those left to the greatest number. // 039b. ARCHITECTURE PROVIDES THE HYPNOTIC STATE REQUIRED FOR A SUCCESSFUL POGROM In an impoverished culture, the meanest dwellings are inevitably those left flattened after an earthquake or tsunami. This is a serious obstacle to remembering how Renaissance perspective works.

Principles of Architecture 4

  1. FOR EACH PHANTASM THERE’S A PROMISE OF SOMETHING REAL Constructing an ideal geometric harmony (eminent domain, area sanitation, slum clearance, regeneration). // 040b. BEHIND EVERY SPECTRE THERE’S THE PROMISE OF A SOLID OBJECT The construction of an ideal geometric harmony: a legendary domain, the local sanatorium, genetic fraud et cetera. We can perceive condition G & condition T before they happen.


  1. FROM PLANNING TO EVOLUTION Ideology is the abstract unity of architecture & non-architecture. // 041b. FROM FIVE-YEAR PLAN TO A REVOLUTION OF THE NUMINOUS Ideology is the abstract unity of architecture & non-architecture: sight unseen, the purity of somnolescence. What is this object, Trismegistus, that men do not believe to be possible? The answer is a phrase or expression in which the same thing is said twice in different words.


  1. AUTODESTRUCTIVE, AUTOPRODUCTIVE: ARCHITECTURE IS THE MODEL NATURE HAS LEARNT TO IMITATE Sub-atomised random structures of decoherence. // 042b. AUTODESTRUCTIVE ARCHITECTURE IS THE MODEL THAT NATURE HAS LEARNT TO IMITATE Random, atomised radiation, structures of dissent & decoherence: was Chekov not correct in saying that however grim his characters are, they still carry a terrifying reification. It was about this time that our extrasensory rendition took place: government-sponsored abduction & extrajudicial transfer from one dimension to another, with the aim of circumventing the law for purposes of interrogation, detention & torture. Our intuitions are perpetually undermined by verbal constructs.


  1. THE SCHIZOPOLIS A transit so exaggerated it flips into stasis (catatonia). // 043b. SCHIZOPOLIS As we observed the transit of Mercury across the Sun the planet suddenly halted. In the same way our own uniqueness of movement & behaviour are stimulated by disturbed mental states; we aspire to repetitive or purposeless overactivity. Violent imagery & musical dissonance can induce a cataleptic state. See, origin is badly put.


  1. FROM PLANE TO REVOLUTION Architecture is the concrete unity of ideology & non-ideology. // 044b. FROM FLAT-LINER TO SEDITION Architecture is the concrete unity of violence & lethargy. Deafness on the other hand is unaccountably transfiguring.


  1. THE RUIN OF ARCHITECTURE IS THE CONCRETISATION OF HISTORY For a dialectic of active & passive resistance, gravity is (a) constant (acceleration). // 045b. THE RUIN OF ARCHITECTURE IS A SPECIES OF CONCRETE LINGUISTICS A dialectics of active & passive resistance incompatible with writing: we are invisible. The new wallpaper in the kitchen contains a radioactive metal first produced by bombarding curium with helium ions. Our heavier members are extremely unstable & invite supernatural happenstance. Origin is drawn tight.


  1. TOPOGRAPHICAL WALLPAPER The industrial prefabrication of reality is ornamented by architecture’s discards (exchange-rate geodesics). // 046b. TOPOGRAPHIC LINOLEUM Industrial prefabrication of reality is ornamented by architecture’s misdeeds, its ignorance of its own predestination.


  1. BUILDING A FALLOUT SHELTER The “underground” as last repository of social consciousness. // 047b. BUILDING A FALLOUT SHELTER The catacombs beneath the city are the last repository of social malaise. The self drifts within the power that established it, unaware of its unlimited potential. Your surrender has been logged & purged from the vessel into the freezing void of deep space. But we are not in a position to replace you, being subject to different laws of growth & decay, a misaligned sainthood.


  1. LA BEAUTÉ SERA MODULARISÉ OU NE SERA PAS? A system in which “possibility” is defined as relations constructed under the domination of a pre-existing “whole.” // 048b. BEAUTY MUST BE STRIPPED OF PURPOSE OR WILL DIE You cannot be fucking serious: a system in which impossibility is defined as your immediate family – dead, alive, estranged – ancestors reconstituted from a freeze-dried hole, their ashes strewn across the altar. Elsewhere, the pressure of civilisation brings in its train pathological results disclosed in cranial malformation & a perpetual state of alertness, i.e. obsolete fictional processes. It was night, only occasional stars shone through the grey clouds that fled across the sky.


  1. ALL BUILDING IS ANACHRONIC The ever-expanding edifice of a contained implosion. // 049b. ALL BUILDING IS ANACHRONISM The edifice of contamination caused by proximity to other humans – the study of word-forms, in particular those that are infected forms; any reclusive shape or structure; our barely contained toxicity.

Principles of Architecture 5

  1. THE WORLD IS CONTINUOUS BEYOND THE EDGE OF THE FORMAT Construction by image-multiplication. // 050b. THE WORLD IS CONTINUOUS BEYOND THE EDGE OF THE KNOWN LAUNDROMAT Construction by cleaving the image with an axe, whereby we are shaken out of our torpor.


  1. HISTORY EMERGES FROM THE ACCUMULATION OF FUTURE RUINS The veiled slavery of the Anthropocene is the geopolitical form of the unpresentable. // 051b. AN ARCHITECTURE BUILT BY ACCUMULATION OF FUTURE RUINS The enclosure contains two finely worked stones, one of which is a tall cross-shaft decorated with a panel of interlaced carving. Production is eternal, a countercheck to the civilisation of the paranormal. And this equips it more fully for its lawless deeds: a near-vacuum extending between the planets & stars, the moment of your death. Every signal has two possible states divided by an interval of time.


  1. FREED OF ALL SOCIAL CONSTRAINTS, PROLIFERATION & DETOUR ARE THE TOUCHSTONES OF ARCHITECTURE Autotransformation by random variable theory. // 052b. FREED OF ALL SOCIAL CONSTRAINTS, DEVIATION IS THE KEYSTONE OF ARCHITECTURE Transfiguration by recourse to random variable theory: institutionalised ignorance. (No, arrest that man). In the past the kidneys were thought to control disposition & temperament. The words used here are the oldest attested language, scratched across your surface in hieroglyphic script.


  1. ARCHITECTURE BEGINS WITH THE CREATION OF A POLICE FORCE Utopia has “nothing to hide.” // 053b. ARCHITECTURE BEGINS & ENDS AT A CRIMESCENE RIBBON FLUTTERING IN THE BREEZE Dystopia has nothing to hide. Most developments are secondhand; ours are not.


  1. THE INTERIOR ISN’T EQUIVALENT TO WHAT IT CONTAINS Blackhole metaphysics. // 054b. THE SHELL ISN’T EQUIVALENT TO WHAT IT CONTAINS Blackbox singularity – the breach has differed fundamentally. (Seldom have we succeeded.) Some of these interesting syncretisms will be examined in the daylight. Origin turns in the night & is consumed by fire.


  1. THE DREAM OF ARCHITECTURE IS THE MYTH OF CREATION The ultimate telos of architecture is ontology (the “House of Being”). // 055b. THE DREAM OF ARCHITECTURE UNDERMINES EVERY MYTH OF CREATION The ultimate end of architecture is a branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being dead. We unhesitatingly submit to the presence of such a character in the ritual drama of resurrection. And structure, mass, velocity?


  1. FORM IS THE ALIENATION OF STRUCTURE Construction is on the side of the Impossible, though it knows it not. 056b. FORM ALIENATES THE FABRIC OF ANATOMY No organic relation is possible between any two elements. The most likely candidate is a luminescent mollusc with spiral shell & numerous short tentacles around its mouth; a gravitational field of a special kind is present with respect to your own body. This dispatch is about the asteroid with your name on it.


  1. MODERN ARCHITECTURE IS PUBLIC ART FOR INDUSTRIAL SOCIETIES A functional psychosis of “aesthetic gratification.” // 057b. MODERN ARCHITECTURE AS ARCANE CRYPTOGRAM A psychosis of aesthetic gentrification, emergence of the Void Four. It is therefore normal in the myth that the author should be adopted by the jaguar; the local is never the same.


  1. CITY WITHOUT WALLS = INCARCERATION BY OTHER MEANS Formalism explicitly depends upon a background spacetime with a fixed metric. Yet a relativity of formalisms implies a relativity of metrics. All form is therefore superposition in collapse. // 058b. CITY WITHOUT WALLS EQUALS INCARCERATION BY OTHER MEANINGS Formalism depends upon a spacetime continuum that allows prepay meter readings, not estimates. All form is a manifestation of the supernatural in a state of collapse, a billion-year assemblage of crosscurrents, seepage.


  1. A UNIFIED ARCHITECTURAL THEORY OF FORCE Reality is information. // 059b. A UNIFIED ARCHITECTURAL THEORY OF HAZARD Collapsed information: a cloud of spores, neural exhaust – the everyday.

Principles of Architecture 6

  1. ARCHITECTURE IS ESSENTIALLY POLEMICAL What is at stake is the construction of the category of Being. // 060b. ALEATORY ARCHITECTURE The survival of war is at stake. Life becomes an alibi for total plagiarism, limitless infringement whereby your desires run on from one defeat to the next. Notable impact events include the late heavy bombardment, which actually occurred very early indeed.


  1. PLAY ≠ WORK-IN-PROTOTYPE As architecture isn’t an escape from life, so wage-labour isn’t a pretence to art. // 061b. PROTOTYPE: PLAY IS A WORK IN PROGRESS There was no parking anywhere that day. We need a basic filter network with a specified cut-off frequency; other networks may be hijacked. The pilot was shot & his body dumped on a desert runway. Origin denotes the original of which something else is a copy or derivative.


  1. TO BUILD: AN INTRANSITIVE VERB Not to impose a predefined causal order between events, but only require that descriptions from different reference frames obey a global consistency. // 062b. HOW TO BUILD AN UNKNOWN VERB FROM SCRATCH We don’t seek to impose a predefined causal order upon events, but only require that descriptions from different reference frames obey a handy rationale. There should always be time to void your bowels between historical events. Sometimes chance creates many things of a particular kind, & sometimes their opposite.


  1. THE TRANSCENDENTAL SIGNIFIED OF ALL ARCHITECTURE IS FINITUDE ITSELF Architectural process describes a circuit of self-supersession in which nothing follows. // 063b. THE TRANSCENDENTAL SIGNIFIED OF ALL ARCHITECTURE IS CATASTROPHE All architecture describes a circuit of extinction, the individual urged to nurture a distrust of herself whereby nothing follows upon nothing. Nature has at last become convinced of its inherent lack of principled behaviour. In representing paintings in perspective, in witnessing the seeing & unseeing madness of their fathers, these are replicas of the same misbegotten love.


  1. PROBABILITY EXTRUDES INTO FORM Distribution as “identical processes producing different outcomes.” // 064b. PROBABILITY EXCRETES FORM Distribution as identical processes generating different hormones, the irreversibility of astral influence. The following provided reliable & enthusiastic help in the translation.


  1. DEPROGRAMMING THE ROTE STATEMENT OF THEME & VARIATION Lest we think a material & temporal solidarity exists. // 065b. DEPROGRAMMING THE MINDLESS STATES OF THEME & VARIATION Another black day in another black year (“alienation” is an instruction to the Sun God, not you). Under this sign is hidden a whole culture of inaction.


  1. ARCHITECTURE IS OBJECTIVE ABOUT REALITY ONLY WHEN REALITY IS OBJECTIVE ABOUT IT “Democracy” means auto-destruct is the universal default? // 066b. ARCHITECTURE IS OBJECTIVE ABOUT REALITY ONLY WHEN REALITY IS OBJECTIVE IN REPLY Democracy means auto-destructive architecture for every citizen: at the heart of the corporate historical mission is an oubliette. Origin is late from forget.


  1. EVERY CONSTRUCTION IS A THROW OF DICE The division of labour intersected by the medium of force. // 067b. EVERY CONSTRUCTION INVOLVES THE ROLL OF A DIE Illustrated histories of indeterminacy, planes intersected by the medium of force: architecture as ectopic pregnancy.


  1. BUILDING TIMESPACE RESONANCE The controlled expropriation of the base by the superstructure. // 068b. BUILDING A SÉANCE OF TIMESPACE The poetics of quantum states as a critique of the occult, the struggle for dishonesty of thought & action. A bag of energy is proportional in magnitude to the radiation it represents. You are abandoned.


  1. CONSTRUCTION PROCEEDS FROM CONVERGENCE OF CAPITAL ACCRUED INTO A CRITICAL MASS Anamorphosis is the rule, not the exception. // 069b. ARCHITECTURE: CONVERGENCE-CAPITAL IN A BLACK MASS Your distorted blueprint appears normal only when viewed with a suitable mirror or lens: anamorphosis is the rule, not the exception. We’re guessing right now that you have a feeling of being accelerated across the galaxy; try changing smoothly from one image to another by small gradual steps. “I am that I am” is a unique linguistic form, the original language-isolate.

! Principles of Architecture 7

  1. ARCHITECTURE IS THE SOCIAL DOMAIN OF “TOTAL WAR” The Anthropocene is the “total architecture” of geo-capital domination. // 070b. ARCHITECTURE AS TOTAL WAR Controlled seizure of base by superstructure. We are the state. We are withheld. We have taken for use. We have taken bereft. The complexity of the field we had in mind is roughly equivalent to that of an ancient city. Scientific knowledge of nature would be valuable only if contact with nature were reestablished by methods of divination, angelic intercession.


  1. MUTABLE URBANISM Enzyme conurbations on the necro-architectural margin. // 071b. LIFE ON THE NECROMANTIC–ARCHITECTURAL MARGIN Their ‘enzyme conurbations of mutability’ were linked by a neolithic causeway.


  1. ALIENATION PULLED FROM THE BACKGROUND OF EVERYDAY LIFE INTO THE FULL WIDTH & DEPTH OF THE IMAGE The politics of infrastructure devolves on the unpresentable. // 072b. ALIENATION DRAGGED FROM THE BACKGROUND OF EVERYDAY LIFE INTO CINEMASCOPE Toward an architecture of the unaccountable. Deep focus is a technique which permits all distant planes to remain clearly in focus, from close-up to infinity. We know that events are happening elsewhere. We tend to have this effect, the inescapable & repulsive desire for significance. Origin is knowledge of the precise amount of paper needed to write about a particular subject.


  1. FUNCTIONAL IS AS FUNCTIONAL DOES The objective isn’t defined by the “technology of matter,” but is an open-ended mechanism of Power. // 073b. FUNCTION DOES BEING & DOING Our analysis of the inauthentic self sidesteps interpretation – the permitted trapped inside the permitted – & its predictable offerings of the future. The only thing we fear is certainty.


  1. ARCHITECTURE IS THE HORIZON, GRID & PERSPECTIVE LINES BLOTTING OUT THE VIEW OF NO-END-IN-SIGHT The Real is a system of abstract control ordained in the imaginary. // 074b. HORIZON, GRID & PERSPECTIVE LINES BLOT OUT ETERNITY The real is a system of abstract control facilitated by its image bank, an encouraging vacuum.


  1. IDEOLOGY IS REIFICATION IN PRE-CODED “GEOMETRIES OF THOUGHT” The “becoming-real” of architecture mirrors the becoming-architecture of the “Real.” // IDEOLOGY IS PRECODED: GEOMETRIES OF FUCKWITAGE Architecture mirrors the real on the molecular & muscular levels. All phenomena vary in magnitude according to the direction of measurement. Today’s frost is unseasonable.


  1. THE CRUCIAL ANTINOMY OF ARCHITECTURE IS THAT IT WANTS TO BE A CONTROL-FORCE FORMATION OF REAL ALIENATION BY IMITATING IMAGINARY STRUCTURES Utopia is a non-place the intellect retreats to in order to fail on its own terms & without contradiction (ecology without “nature” = “Lebensraum”). // ARCHITECTURE PURSUES ALIENATION BY IMITATING ONEIRIC STRUCTURES Such formations are more effective in utopian neighbourhoods. That these are signs is not in doubt; once the animal’s bloodstream has been completely polluted, the blood is extracted & used as a poison. Origin just arrived, the House of Being, the Great Wail.


  1. FORM BY CONTINGENCY A nervous system evolves a body. // 077b. FORM REALIZED THROUGH INCONSISTENCY A nervous system evolves anatomy, & is connected to the outside by tributaries of white light that reach out from the body; this net of vibrating filaments constructs the flawed memories that build your past. Eros is a stony & elongated asteroid.


  1. ARCHITECTURE IS THE ABSTRACT SOCIAL FORM OF IDEOLOGICAL SOCIAL CONTENT The logic of producing reality supersedes the logic of capturing reality. // 078b. ARCHITECTURE AS ABSENT SOCIAL CONTENT The logic of capturing reality, dragging it back into the safety of the compound.


  1. POLYHEDRONS OF ALL SCRIPTURE Illusion, stripped of its mystery, is a blank wall. // 079b. SCRIPTURAL POLYHEDRONS Illusion, stripped of its mystery, is a blank wall, the price of attention at any cost. Always put off the fulfilment of some obligation. Save yourselves.


  1. ARCHITECTURE ASPIRES TO AN IDEAL DATA-AGGREGATE When control-force operations are employed in utopian areas it is easier to isolate individual subjectivities, or funnel collective desires, by using images & other semantic weapons. // 080b. ARCHITECTURE ASPIRES TO AN IDEAL DATA AGGREGATE, HOME & AWAY Morass of nerves. When control operations are employed in utopian zones it is easier to isolate individual subjectivities, or funnel collective desires, by using images & other weapons: bursts of semen, bolts of light. Yet Máni is the personification of the Moon in Norse mythology. Away goals count double.


  1. XENOTECTONICS Desperation evolves a methodology. // 081b. XENOTECTONICS Alien elements maintained in dynamic equilibrium. Much infrared light is emitted in the plane of the disk by star formation – a storm of pollen battering inside your ribcage.


  1. SYNTAX ACCUMULATES INTO A GRAMMAR Structure doesn’t exist in a vacuum but in a force-field of symbolic emergence. // 082b. SYNTAX ACCUMULATES LIKE A WALL OF FAT IN A SEWER Structure thrives in a vacuum. Any forcefield of symbolic emergence, arrays of obsolete technology, are entirely theoretical, nonexistent. Scientists confirm that there was another event on Jupiter today involving an undiscovered comet & a small icy body.


  1. STOCHASTIC MATERIALISM VS HISTORICAL MATERIALISM Architecture is information with no other purpose than to signify “reality” where none exists. // 083b. THE HISTORY OF MATTER PRESSES AGAINST THE STOCHASTIC MEMBRANE A random probability distribution may be analysed statistically but remains completely unpredictable. Therefore your atom represents a blank set. Architecture isn’t an escape route.


  1. EVERY DEMOLITION IS A CONSTRUCTION Under what guise does power re-emerge from the theatre of its negation, if not as negation itself? // 084. EVERY BRICK CORRESPONDS TO A PARTICULAR PSYCHIC CONSTELLATION Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold. And they have as sovereign over them the angel of the bottomless pit. Under what guise does power re-emerge from the theatre of its own negation, if not yours?


  1. ARCHITECTURE IS THE REVOLUTION THAT CAN’T BE AVERTED Yet neither chance nor repetition are ethereal, but increments of entropy. // 085b. NEWBORN ARCHETYPES: THE MUTINY THAT CANNOT BE AVERTED Neither chance nor repetition exist in themselves, both are increments of infinity. We know that speech or non-speech still belong to the whole; to swallow this stone seems to be the reader’s mission. Only gravity could pull off such a trick.


  1. EVOLUTIONARY HIVES FOR THE FUTURE-MACHINE Technology is alien life. // 086b. EVOLUTIONARY HIVES FOR THE FUTURE MACHINE Division of the technological spoils of war, whereby your animated corpse is left crawling around the earth with a shattered spinal column & a sackful of nerves. Data streams of corrupted selfhood, balance & decay in perfect alignment.


  1. TRUTH RESIDES IN THE REALITY OF APPEARANCES The mirror-stage of social cybernetics is a generative adversarial network. // 087b. TRUTH RESIDES IN THE SPECTRE OF APPEARANCES All architecture is a network of accusation & inquisition. Their tenacious grip on the truth is shaken sufficiently to make them stop for a moment & wonder at bees swarming around a gothic spire. An oubliette is a secret dungeon with access only through a trapdoor in the ceiling.


  1. DARK MATERIALISM The Real is produced by the force of disinformation. // 088b. DARK MATERIALISM The corporeal is produced by an irresistible force of dissolution. The infiltration of stoicism was easy: ethics usurped your divine structures, reason became the only instrument of praxis. Alienation is won back simply by asking for it.


  1. ARCHITECTURE HAS BEEN ALGORITHMIC FOR 13.8 BILLION YEARS The causal structure between events is dynamical, but also indefinite & “observer-dependent.” // 097b. ANARCHITECTURE HAS BEEN ALGORITHMIC FOR 13.8 BILLION YEARS The causal structure between events is dynamic but indefinite, always dependent on something observing what has happened, & remembering. Objects in such an orbit can remain there for a hundred million years before being perturbed by gravitational influence, the potential Earth impactor which will bring about your extinction. Thermal infrared analysis shows it was a warm day in July.

! Every Construction is a Throw of Dice SMALL

  1. TERRAFORM Earth is the future space catastrophe. // 090b. TERRAFORMING Earth is the future space catastrophe (that wild idea to use meteorites to colonize Venus). There is no record of any finds, even though all three mounds have hollow centres.


  1. THE ANTHROPOCENE IS CAPITALISM’S “HUMAN HYPOTHESIS” With all the pretense to a grand architectural design, this fissile econosphere will finally produce a “world” in its grasp. // 091b. THE ANTHROPOCENE: AMNESIA’S HUMAN FACE With all the pretence to a grand inquisitor, this fissile exoskeleton will generate a world after its own image: an active disinterest in being here, a vacuum in which all zodiacs collide. They will seek us again, hidden underground in the catacombs. Here, the mob takes care of its own: nobody & everybody is guilty. We have severed obligation from the passage of time.


  1. THE ANTICONSTRUCTION OF ZERO-GRAVITY A hole suspended in a void. // 092b. THE ANTICLOCKWISE MOTION OF ZERO-GRAVITY Picture a hole suspended in a void. There are no consolations. Origin is consistent with the statement: “Are you back again?”


  1. ALIEN ELEMENTS MAINTAINED IN DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM Planetary geodesics of a fully-integrated system of “artificial life.” // 093b. THE ARCHISPHERE We create value. We invent worlds. We love our work. We love you. An interplanetary system of artificial life outweighs the consequences; we are denoting the shortest possible line between two points on the surface of a sphere.


  1. “INNOVATION” ANTICIPATES ITSELF IN ITS OWN IMAGE Planimetric space recycled in the property-status of alienation. // 094b. INNOVATION ANTICIPATES ITSELF Chance, accident & repetition, unforeseen cycles of spacetime. The internal channels they transmit have an unemotional & stolidly calm disposition. During the middle ages a thick viscous substance was secreted by the mucous membranes of your respiratory passages.


  1. FROM MODULAR TO VASCULAR Necro-architecture as topological growth-system. // 095b. NEW MODEL VASCULAR SYSTEM Architecture as a topological system of decay, a family of open subsets leading to abstract space.(Who among you includes the space itself & the empty sack?) We are denoting the plant tissues – xylem & phloem – which conduct water, sap & nutrients through your veins. You know that what is happening right now is happening for the last time. Origin is another word for place.


  1. PERTURBATIONS OF THE IMAGINARY PRODUCE REAL CATASTROPHES From panopticism as symbolic self-enucleation to a system-of-production of “ophthalmic psychosis.” // 096b. PERTURBATIONS OF THE MAGUS CONJURE LEGITIMATE CATASTROPHES From the penitentiary to ocular psychosis – the aesthetics of word forms, removal of the nucleus from any cell. We surgically excised the gelatinous orb intact from its surrounding capsule; when an eyeball is harvested, as much of the optic nerve as possible should be removed. Millennial economies are a clue.


  1. BIOTECHNOLOGY IS URBANISM’S FEMME FATALE Amniosacs for social preconditioning. // 097b. BIOTECHNOLOGY IS URBANISM’S LOLITA At opposite poles are a thin but aggressive pair of transparent membranes that incarcerate the developing embryo. The inability to understand or produce speech is a result. Origin is a knot.


  1. THE IMPOSSIBLE OBJECT IS ARCHITECTURE’S AESTHETIC COUNTERPART To aggregate space into a surplus dimension through the production of unspace. // 098b. ARCHITECTURE’S AESTHETIC COUNTERWEIGHT: THE IMPOSSIBLE OBJECT To aggregate space into a surplus dimension through the production of unspace, thereby neatly sidestepping the discharge. We believe if we go into captivity it will be for some good end, thus from time-to-time our mind is centred on resignation, in which we always find quietude.


  1. STRUCTURE IS A VARIABLE FORCE-FIELD Power tends towards increasingly restricted propositions. // 099b. YOUR FUTURE DREAM: THE OUTLAWING OF BINARY LOGIC Toward an architecture of the inexcusable: structural relations are a variable forcefield, a hive of blanks. The principle of reason & judgement is often contrasted with eros which is often contrasted with thanatos which is often contrasted with logos. Asteroid 433 was discovered & came nearer to the earth than any celestial body except the Moon.


  1. ARCHITECTURE DOESN’T DISCOVER A TELEOLOGY BUT CREATES ONE With all the allure of a ravishing tautology, architectural forms inhabit the ideological content that produces them. // 100b. ARCHITECTURE HAS NO TRUCK WITH TELEOLOGY With all the allure of a ravishing tautology, architectural forms inhibit the ideological content that produces them.



April 2018-March 2019



! Form is the Alienation of Structure SMALL

! Monolith_small

! Architecture Begins with the Develpment of a Police Force SMALL

! collapsing towers SMALL

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