First of all, it is important to know that, when we are navigating the net, our eyes are capturing the information we’re reading but also capturing a lot of information we are not specifically reading. This happens all the time, whether we are reading information on the Internet or observing an open field landscape. To make it more clear: when we read the news on a digital paper, our eyes are capturing the words we’re reading but also capturing all the information that is around these words: ads, pup-ups, gifs, pictures, colors, shapes, other headlines, etc. This means that a huge amount of information we are not aware of is stored in our brains, unconsciously. And, as you know, that it is unconscious doesn’t mean is less important, it only means we are not aware of it. In fact, it has always been important, and more since Freud started to investigate it. And you will know that was, precisely, Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, who introduced Freud theories into the United States but he did not only that: this Freud’s nephew used his uncle’s theories about the unconscious to build an economical empire being the first to use subliminal manipulation in advertising. Continue reading “THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF THE INVISIBLE THIRD MEME”



On 16-17 November, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the “Velvet Revolution,” Alienist magazine, Diffractions Collective & CCCT are hosting a “colloquium” of theorists, activists & artists on theme of AUTOMATIC AUTONOMIA at Punctum, Krásova 27, Praha 3-Žižkov, Czech Republic.

Confirmed participants: Interior Ministry, Diffractions Collective, Dita Malečková, Primož Krašovec, Miroslav Griško, Carla Bergman, Louis Armand, Vít Van Camp, Jo Blin, Michael Rowland, Dustin Breitling, Kristin Watterott.

In his unfinished introduction to “Acid Communism” (2016) Mark Fisher wrote: “By 1977, a whole new social mix, a ‘mass avant-garde,’ was in place in Bologna. It was here, perhaps more than anywhere else, that acid communism came together as an actual formation. The city seethed with the energy & confidence that erupts when new ideas commingle with new aesthetic forms… In February, A/traverse, the zine published by Berardi & other young militants, produced an issue entitled ‘The revolution is just, possible & necessary: look comrades, the revolution is probable’: Continue reading “AUTOMATIC AUTONOMIA”