Dear Comrades
Not a fortune-teller, soothsayer, charmer, diviner or caster of spells — nor one who consults ghosts and spirits or seeks oracles from the dead — I have nonetheless been wondering about the possibility of confusion and how we might be extinguished. I recently had to ask Thirty-Seven to remind me who Forty-Six was. I have been replying to everyone and then deleting them from the face of the earth. (In the end I got my own lightbulb.) I have been replacing the subject. We might need a new classification — this kind of interaction is completely new to me, I have no idea what the rules of engagement are. I have no idea what is to be shared and what is not to be shared; for instance, during the eighteenth century the difference between history or pornography or fiction wasn’t always obvious. Notwithstanding, I shall set down whatever occurs worthy of my notice, in such a way that — far from impeding progress, far from weighing upon it with rules and regulations — my notes shall in time facilitate the invention of the first fluxgate magnetometer.




The 2010 Cochabamba Agreement makes note of the estimation that “If this pace of over-exploitation of our Mother Earth continues, we will need two planets by the year 2030.” Indeed, research & development has been increasingly directed towards a future of off-world resource exploitation: virtually every known body within the solar system has been analysed & indexed according to what are only, for the time-being, hypothetical forecasts for industrial growth, based on the rate of resource depletion on Earth. Continue reading “ONE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH”




All the aborted golems of self-caused “hyperstition” are but grist to the mill of an interminable analysis of interminable  situations. Avant-futures by remote control. Eco-political teledildonics. What the technē of capital exteriorises is nothing but the movement of its own self-substitution: an excrescent, “alien” libido of inflationary excess, in which the unpresentable gives birth to the unconscionable. If spectacle is the accumulation of capital to such a degree that it becomes an image (Debord), this is because the movement of capital’s accumulation is itself imaginary. Yet what it “externalises” is not an image of any thing, but of the operation of expenditure that produced it: dissipation that accumulates only dissipation. Continue reading “THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEPATHISED”