To the pyrocumulus, thou art the worm our father, roar upon the deep!


No to the war of the cottage cheese industries!


What the world lacks in meaning it makes up for in alienation.


Completely void of dignity, they crawl onward to replay the deluge in slow motion, frame by frame.


Don’t buy a gun, be a GNU.


Religion is to pataphysics as money is to charity.


Treadmills for perpetual revolution: Walk. Don’t Walk. Walk et cetera.


Like a cinema after the film has ended, power has no more ice cream.


A secure sense of falsity settles over everything.


The revolution must be revolutionary in its strictures.


Ape-people & ape things. . . .


Extinction is a poor substitute.


Their inhuman signals transcend all mutation: the fossilitic pornography of their loneliness.


Love is the silence & stillness of vanished galoshes.


Pinned down by too much light: those most prone to sink should learn to drown before they swim.


The labyrinth is the weapon of its own defeat.


There’s more to a critique of progress than minor technical abominations.


Power is the voice inside your solitary confinement: a fish-tank of bedbugs riding on sharks.


The nightsoil of their purges has at last borne fruit.


Just as it is easier to produce forgeries of the known than to discover the unknown, so it is easier to pontificate than to hang a priest.


Alienism is not a lament.


The ectopic pregnancy at the limits of meaning.


DNA warfare is the first step toward curing narcissism.


Thus do the artist-tyrant & the Nazi vivisectionist collude with revolutionary farce.


(Father, can’t you see I’m burning?)


There are planets inhabited solely by robots.


The absence of a path hasn’t made this situation any more perplexing.


Amoebae are microorganisms that live primarily in the soul.


The Pangaea of the stain at the bottom of the sky.


A concrete situation demands the best metaphysics has to offer.


The stigmata of dead avantgardes are not mammalian signalling devices!


Nature is impersonal when death loses its appeal.


Toute la vie est une manifestation! Tout (le monde) est en grève!






! 3b















































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