Not every advantage comes as an extension of the body. These tools and instruments allow the subject to perform specialized tasks and rituals, or simply to perform everyday tasks more efficiently. The sources of many of these products are unknown. Some are spawned from zonal anomalies, others the manifestation of longue durée. Others removed and recycled cybernetics. Each useful for the task that demanded its creation. Continue reading “MATERIAL CATALOGUE”



From my window, I see a vast garden belonging to a monastery which was partially renovated into a hotel decades ago. Just a few monks are still living in the massive XVIII century building, and the hotel rooms remain empty since the travel ban was implemented. Monastic communities were supposed to be self-sufficient, so the garden used to be a fully-functioning urban farmland once, with cattle, sheep and swine, rows of fruit-trees, vegetables and cereal plants. Now it looks like a little golf course surrounded by a stone wall, crisscrossed by sand paths and decorated with a few peach and cherry trees blossoming under the dim light of the last winter days. Continue reading “VIRAL TIME”