Alienist broadsheet #12 “ICONOCLASM” (August 2020) download PDF



Those who do not know what life is, cannot know what victory is. Even cybernetics teaches us that the world is only what creates itself out of randomness & contingency. At a certain point, just by (still) being alive, this world, on the verge of having been vanquished, attests not to what has been “lost” but to opportunities that must yet be created. For existence to be bearable, nostalgia for an illusory past must be cast aside. For time itself to be survivable, for History to be more than a denouement, the “present” must be a perpetual tyrannicide. The enemies of life proffer nostalgia for a mythical benevolence – the authoritarian, psychotic benevolence of a Corporate-State rooted in divine right (the very DNA of all “manifest destiny”). They proffer nostalgia for LIFE ITSELF (which they call CREATION), as a weapon against conscience, against consciousness – as a weapon against possibility – as a weapon of demoralisation, of a future mortgaged in advance of itself, of a world that can no longer bear the sight of itself & beats itself to sleep at night – sticks a needle in its eye – turns in morbid desperation to every quack theory & miracle cure the robots have been able to cook up, like a mental plague. How has it been persuaded that it is fighting the good fight, when it cannot bear the sight of everything it has been fighting for? Continue reading “ICONOCLASM”