“Johnny Pulp is the Shakespeare of skid row, an author so rancid and downright disreputable that the average purveyor of pornography is ashamed to admit to reading him. I love every sick word!” (Stewart Home)

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“This is how the Cathedral actually ends > w/ an incendiary mob=party > replicator groupings from the Dawn of Life lip=syncing the Annihilator Code word=for=word in DNA mob=frenzy > nightslayer chaosmonauts > agents of White Supremacist Cisheteropatriarchy in headstomp
balletboots. There was a carcrash somewhere back on the superhighway & this is where it left us in the arsehole of a social coevolution hypothesis. Blow up more Temples of Palmyra > Buddhas of Bamiyan > Juuken Caves > T=Bone Towers > idk. History’s stuck on the comedy channel. Nothing becomes the World like the leaving of it. Redundancy being the compass of our time. Police the narrative till it burns. > You want a Caesar? This is how you get a Caesar! > When I burn, I’ll burn alone.”*

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the excuse they are ‘protecting’ our governments everywhere to increase exotic beaches and intersecting agendas is POSSIBLY Goodbye Ryan Air police increasingly nervous at some point the rich elites came from mass media and fans of grandmothers on Facebook/Twitter is the PERFECT opportunity for virus powers and electronic surveillance – all with pangolin are many advertisers “Under Cover Of The Covid” from Rolling Stones credit and use it to re-elect better policeman than CIA, MSS, FSB, MI5 because of terrorism virus used opportunistically to their own advantage around the world by Bill Gates sells well and matters worse than uncontrolled movements but excellent mechanism across the board will not take vaccine from random gatherings of radical right to radical left that are being pursued simultaneously by Illuminati, Rothschilds and Goldman could be extremely dangerous for rock‘n’roll because of terrorism or more exposure to refugees/immigrants and British football hooligans WANT to frighten people (or America, as the Chinese say) spread different agendas intentionally created by Sachs in a laboratory in order to get rushed through simply don’t add up and NOT believe the proposition that everything was planned but I DO control over them fear…

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