An anti-novel of the end times, set in the heart of Golemgrad under the spell of the CORVID-69 pandemic & an apocalyptic Corp[orate]=$[tate] terror apparatus…

The mirror is empty. Surely this is a sign? The error is too consistent & gigantic to be ignored. One moment, History is there, replete, like cinema. The next: Void. Where purpose was, now doubt, trepidation. Something must be to blame. We are not speaking of merely vulgar misunderstandings or an emotional ambivalence. Every disappearance can only be considered a murder, caused by a hidden hand. A crime of violent omission. These accusations demand an energy of response, not bands of superstitious dilettantes. The world is not a psychoneurotic disorder. Those still living have good reason not to feel safe from the revenges of the dead, even w/ a sea dividing them. Their taboos are as a mirror held up to a guilty conscience. Originally, all of the dead were Vampyrs. Yet we do not come from the past, but from the future.

A fiery half=moon low over Plague City 4:00a.m. A hole in the eastern sky. This clustering of timeframes in the phase=horror of pandemic. Catastrophe’s just another word for the future catching up w/ you. Within hours the entire city was in lockdown. Funny how we get dark cyberpunk dystopia in the newsfeed, when in reality everything’s falling apart because of incompetence. The quote uprising unquote died of apocalypse fatigue. GPS = General Paralysis of the Sane. Every posthumous affordance has its trolls. They expected to discover the complete vocabulary of extinction before words dissolved into nonsense. Transcendence w/ a humxn face. An emoji covering the void.

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