“Čermák integrates technologies and machine language into the ecology of a wider cosmos, understanding them as an integral part of the social and cosmic order which everywhere envelops the homo sapiens, traversing and permeating it. He identifies this order with humanity’s attempt to mirror the reality of the world on the plane of the symbolic and of meaning in the world.” (Vít Bohal)

He performs as a generator of spiritual white noise which is an inexhaustible reservoir of energy. Master of hallucinations.
Demon. Xeno-Demon. A human subject, although he shows some morphological anomalies which distinguish him from the others.
All radical xeno-demons are always circumscribed by the anomaly schema – diagram –, on whose basis their bodies are presented and recomposed (the position and ordering of their viscera).
By means of internal writing and reading he rejuvenates the experience of forgetting, which makes destruction commensurate with a loss of order.

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