When humanity is extinct, ALIENISM will be its triumphant ideology.

The “real” virus is the placebo?

No matter how much they steal from the future, it will not enable them to resurrect the past.

Regimes are the spiritual foundation of every pandemic.

“Bare life” is the one you pay for.

Forced to breathe oxygen without respite, the astronauts mutinied & abandoned ship.

Politics is social merchandising.

The means-of-production are to progress as plagiarism is to power.

How many hidden hands does it take to change a lightbulb?

Mediocrity is the primus inter pares.

Two wrongs don’t make a Philosophie des Rechts.

The only universal explanation is the one that kills you.

Everyone gets the revolution they deserve?

Alienism announces the mass-movement of psychic crypto-currencies.

The instructions are printed on the back of your head.

What is humanity but a variety of one thing?

History has always played an important role in undoing time.

All concrete facts begin with a true conspiracy.

What if the universe is a neural network with irreparable brain damage?

Evolution is always fatal.


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