The will-to-representation is an idiot standing behind a mirror. The will-to-power is the idiot standing behind every mirror.

It is Capitalism that discovered the “tragic,” even Nietzsche misinterpreted it.

There is no opposition between chance & necessity.

Which came first, the contradiction or the axiom?

The avoidance of pretext is not proof to the contrary.

Behind the Hegelian image we always find a “hidden hand.”

They still want to play the game of “essential principles.”

The mirror is not a slave to reality, but its imaginary master.

Every contradiction in Capital is an artefact of the quantum-like field of commodity value, between “exchange” & “circulation.”

Hermeneutics is absurdist theatre.

Those most preoccupied with the “soul” have never encountered one & those indifferent to it have no need of one.

A throw of dice leaves nothing to interpret.

Perhaps consumption is the only real factor.

The pathos of History exists only for those deluded in the belief that power is exercised.

Society is most irrational when it believes it exists “for itself.”

The “terrifying questions” always appear to the faint-hearted.

Philosophy is “meaningful” only to the extent that the words still resemble one another “across time.”

Evolution or the spirit of revenge.

Hidden behind every causality is the éminence grise of a child’s recurrent nightmare.

Yet reason only “affirms” what it is incapable of proving.

Their tragedy was to disbelieve they were commodities like everything else.

All games of chance are overburdened by the mystique of law.

The constellation born of the dice-throw is always the constellation of power.

“Transformation” is materialist metaphysics.

The “perfectibility of the species” exists only in the dream of extinction.

Meaning is the “worm that flies in the night.”

The eternal return will have always preceded itself.

Life isn’t a “force” but a disequilibrium of forces.

We do not even know what reality is capable of.


APRIL 2021

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