“A dialectical poetics of radical history that asks what kind of resistance & poetry are possible under conditions of capitalist repression, if we do not simply want to return to everyday life? Synthesizing documentary poetics (the lives of George Jackson, Luxemburg, Verlaine, Pasolini, Anna Mendelssohn, Dalton, Vallejo, & others) with the capitalist alchemy of surveillance & repression, [A SMALL POETICS OF INSURRECTION] tracks the processes with which those in power react to the social struggles of political movements & the works of revolutionary poets, who strike back into a corner & contribute to our understanding of social upheavals, illuminated by the solar flares of Marx & Rimbaud.” (Tripwire)

nobody’s mistaken anymore about this system & its true nature

Burn the Louvre down! Burn — the — Louvre — down! Burn —— the ——
Louvre —— down!

About the author: PETER BOUSCHELJONG.

Translated by David Vichnar, Tim König & Louis Armand

Paperback edition is available on request from interiorministry@protonmail.ch


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