Alienation, n. 1. state of being alienated, estranged, disenfranchised, foreign; 2. condition of subjectivity in capitalist industrialist societies; 3. mania; the estrangement of Reason; schizophrenia (“mental alienism”); 4. expropriation of personage; expropriation of legal or property rights; 5. estrangement from the means of production of social reality; commodification; 6. subjection to a system of control-force under the guise of collective or individual emancipation.

Alienism, n. 1. (arch.) branch of social medicine concerned with diagnosis & treatment of mental alienism (Philippe Pinel); 2. (arch.) system or ideology of alienage (quality of being or making alien); 3. (contemp.) critique of alienation as the constitutive condition & system of control of the Corporate-State Apparatus.

Alienist, n. 1. practitioner of alienism; 2. fights economic & cultural totalitarianism with unconventional weapons, using unconventional means.

An Alienist is a person who fights economic cultural totalitarianism with unconventional weapons, using unconventional methods. The Alienist must be a good tactician, to compensate for the fact that the forces ranged in defence of economic cultural totalitarianism are vastly asymmetrical in nature. The Alienist’s weapons may appear inferior to the enemy’s, but from the semantic point of view the Alienist has an undeniable superiority.

The severe limitation placed upon non-economic non-cultural conformity means that the Alienist must be constantly imaginative & creative. Alienists must possess initiative, mobility & decisiveness, as well as versatility in the creation of advantageous situations. The Alienist’s duty is to act, to analyse & plan or improvise solutions to each problem that presents itself to effective dissent. To strike & to rapidly redeploy. It is better to err than to do nothing. The Alienist must know how to hide & to remain vigilant. Never to fear danger. Never to be discouraged. In the face of almost insurmountable difficulties, the Alienist must remain constantly resilient, studying & preparing new tactics.

The work of counter-expropriation extends into all aspects of daily life & affords the Alienist almost unlimited scope for subversive activities. But these activities need to be accompanied by theoretical discipline in order for the Alienist to fatally damage, rather than to strengthen, the system of economic cultural totalitarianism. The basic question in the technical preparedness of the Alienist is, nevertheless, to know how to manipulate & counteract – to damage, make useless & destroy – the language of power in its broadest scope.

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The Alienist’s most effective weapon is the re-appropriation of those fundamental elements of totalitarian discourse over which it itself is secretly unable to exercise control. This exploitation of radical ambivalence exposes the principle weakness of any totalitarian system of meaning or of unmeaning, & has the capacity to reduce the enemy’s attempts at counterinsurgency to self-parody. The tactics of the Alienist must always be offensive in nature: defensive action means death. Perpetual analysis of situations merely forestalls action & offers the greatest means of preparedness to the enemy. Similarly, open battle & decisive combat, can only be to the enemy’s advantage.

The Alienist must maintain the element of surprise; to know the semantic terrain; to have greater mobility & speed than the enemy; to be constantly informed; to sow confusion; to gain command over any given situation; to maintain an effective degree of unverifiability. Operations always have a time-limit that cannot be overextended without risk to their effectiveness. At every point, the enemy’s superior resources must be counteracted by throwing them back upon the uncertainty of unfolding events, thereby wresting the initiative from them.

In many cases, the effective subversion of enemy forces can be accomplished by a single Alienist, patient, alone & unknown, operating in absolute secrecy & in cold blood.


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