Un alienista es una persona que lucha con armas no convencionales, usando métodos no convencionales. Continue reading “ALIENISMO ¡EN GUARDIA!”



17 November marks almost thirty tears since the 1989 “Velvet Revolution” in Czechoslovakia, which brought an end to State Socialism & the Soviet occupation which began in 1968.

Yet we know that there is no such thing as a “velvet” revolution. Continue reading “NO VELVET REVOLUTION”


Rage may refer to: (emotion) an intense form of anger. Uncontrolled anger that is an increased stage of hostile response to an injury or injustice. From Latin rabies (“anger,” “fury”). A rabid dog. Feedback toxicity. Rage can lead to a state of mind where individuals believe they can do, & often are capable of doing, things that normally seem impossible. Continue reading “ALGORITHMIC R.A.G.E.”


“They were marching like fugitives around the city. They were hiding yet they
didn’t know what was after them. They were in murky depths in a city that
now spread out like a swamp. L-Bomb would sometimes close her right eye
to see more clearly by bringing an uncoupled luxuriance to her visioning. They
threaded themselves in & out of streets, roads, parks, broadways, markets,
shopping malls, squares without ever being individual entities. They suffered
the abundance of a kind of inexhaustible intermediate state. They were like
animals of oblivion, & this was a literal fact too as all ancestors end up with
apes & their ancestors, ultimately the stars. They were like creatures rooting
around, anyone watching would assume there was some sort of fickleness
in play as they would suddenly swing round & make off in a completely
new direction to the one they had been following, as if thoughts were being
freshly corrupted & their despair a butterfly.”

PALOMARES BOMB GRRLS marks the return of the legendary Neo-Attack! author JOHNNY PULP. Continue reading “PALOMARES BOMB GRRLS”