In any social system, it is the asymptomatic who are the principal transmitters of the ideological virus. Whenever infection manifests itself around them they ask, What is to be done? Meaning: I am not to blame. Continue reading “THE PRICE OF A LUNGFULL OF AIR”


there is a lot of code sickness fictional grotesques that take on nature’s selective code on dog continent’s vital code accelerated the world boy that dash she is the cyber itself was the gene soul download of a human emulator that sun invaders killed the same kind of virus terrorist respiratory larva addicts of its uncertainty genome subliminal particles of the fetish protocol in the code output of the shooting reaction that was a particle acid outputs and hunts her surface in large quantities circuit brain interpretation flip human hype collapse Continue reading “HYPE COLLAPSE”


1. The poem operates upon the secret logic of the world

Forced back to drawing boards, the impoverishment complex of Dadaist disgust. Alienism “works” on the premise that complexity is isomorphic to the void. Down a one-way street, accelerated in reverse. Larval pornographies on LSD. Necro-optimization. Crypto-singularity. The polysemy of circulation isn’t merely a concept: Even if sense is indifferent to it, the phantom collective subject shouts Sieg Heil! They built this city with instrumental nihilism. But that’s not why the lights rage in their eyes. Like the flames of Police-state crematoria. Like collapse vectors haloed by rancid ejecta. Even if this ignis fatuus calls itself History. No terror is unspeakable. Unseen doesn’t mean invisible. The witnesses all stood around with cameras raised in menace. Civilization was just their name for the self-destruct button. The children sing Eat the Police till they’re hoarse & its time to suck the Big Lozenge again. All have known the dead hand of cruel masturbations. Only the escaped slave knows how to assassinate the Master. Continue reading “5 ANTI-MANIFESTS”



In the first place, what is here signified by the trans- will have been that “accursed share” (Bataille) by which an economy of meaning or system of power redeems itself for itself by the appropriation of the very thing it prohibits or seeks to erase. As the sign of a redeemed “transcendence,” the trans- nevertheless retains a trace, the contradiction of a difference that infects & proliferates within the system that seeks to universalise itself by way of this prosthesis. Yet the future it programmes via such an evolutionary engineering is fantasmatic not only with respect to any naive conception of the self-supersessions of power (progressivism), but also of its subversion, & not merely because each retains the character of an indeterminacy. Both the universalising potential of the trans- & its abstract singularity as the prosthesis of a becoming-other, a becoming-the-future or a becoming-of/from-the-future, necessitate that its heterogeneous movement is not a matter of opposition (if not resistance) but of a radical ambivalence.


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Alienist Broadsheet #11 (“EASTER” 2019) download PDF



An immense fraud has been perpetuated in contemporary thought, founded on the persuasion that modern life is a malaise – a decadence – produced by an “absence of myth.” It has dwelt in modernity’s shadow from the outset, the most fervent purveyor of its decadence, like a jealous doppelgänger. Yet, far from abolishing myth, modernity is in fact constituted by the greatest myth of all: the myth of perpetual progress; of the extraction & consumption of natural resources without end & the magical transformation of human waste back into nature. This is what the blood-&-soil of the Corporate-State amounts to: the belief that – in greater abundance than the old gods, at the service of individual gratification & without cost to the collective conscience – Capitalism will provide. Continue reading “DEATH BY RESURRECTION”


Alienist Broadsheet #10 (March 2019) download PDF



How did the world come to be crowded with so many little Caesars? Are we approaching a new age of ceremonial regicide? For too long a revolutionary perspective has been the view from a periscope, whereas the true corruption lies in our spleen, like a sludge of accumulated microplastic. It’s no longer enough to “cut off the head of the Beast,” the virus of the Corporate-State Apparatus has infiltrated every vital organ of the social body, the lymph, the entire nervous system. It has infected the stratosphere, poisoned the oceanic abysses. Its replication has gone into overdrive: soon the planet itself will be nothing but one giant sarcoma. It won’t be a question anymore of the accumulation of Capital: there’ll be no more air for what once was real to dissolve into. For too long we’ve been told to be prudent, that “revolution” is a child’s cloud-castle. But prudence, as Blake said, is a rich ugly old maid courted by incapacity. Continue reading “THE RUIN OF IDEOLOGY IS THE CONCRETISATION OF HISTORY”