At the end of the second decade of the twentyfirst century, it has become de rigueur to speak not only of an Anthropocene but of a post-Anthropocene, whose template has been provided by that historical fissure in which the late industrial World Order was cracked open & prised apart by a rapid succession of wars, nuclear armament, the Marshall Plan, cyberneticisation & neoliberalism, exposing the vista of an ideal (because viewed from the perspective of monolithic power) tabula rasa – like a virgin resource just beyond the frontier, on the other side of History. It is possible that the discourse of the End of History & its reversal within that of a resurgent transcendentalism have become more pervasive, more insistent, more determined than at any previous time, even if, as is frequently said, “the ability to conceive of the history of hominids & the destiny of the Earth in the same temporal trajectory seems particularly deceptive today.”[1] Continue reading “ENTROPOLOGY”


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How did the world come to be crowded with so many little Caesars? Are we approaching a new age of ceremonial regicide? For too long a revolutionary perspective has been the view from a periscope, whereas the true corruption lies in our spleen, like a sludge of accumulated microplastic. It’s no longer enough to “cut off the head of the Beast,” the virus of the Corporate-State Apparatus has infiltrated every vital organ of the social body, the lymph, the entire nervous system. It has infected the stratosphere, poisoned the oceanic abysses. Its replication has gone into overdrive: soon the planet itself will be nothing but one giant sarcoma. It won’t be a question anymore of the accumulation of Capital: there’ll be no more air for what once was real to dissolve into. For too long we’ve been told to be prudent, that “revolution” is a child’s cloud-castle. But prudence, as Blake said, is a rich ugly old maid courted by incapacity. Continue reading “THE RUIN OF IDEOLOGY IS THE CONCRETISATION OF HISTORY”