In the first place, what is here signified by the trans- will have been that “accursed share” (Bataille) by which an economy of meaning or system of power redeems itself for itself by the appropriation of the very thing it prohibits or seeks to erase. As the sign of a redeemed “transcendence,” the trans- nevertheless retains a trace, the contradiction of a difference that infects & proliferates within the system that seeks to universalise itself by way of this prosthesis. Yet the future it programmes via such an evolutionary engineering is fantasmatic not only with respect to any naive conception of the self-supersessions of power (progressivism), but also of its subversion, & not merely because each retains the character of an indeterminacy. Both the universalising potential of the trans- & its abstract singularity as the prosthesis of a becoming-other, a becoming-the-future or a becoming-of/from-the-future, necessitate that its heterogeneous movement is not a matter of opposition (if not resistance) but of a radical ambivalence.


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