We live, we die. In a world beset by alienation, it seems we exist in a recurring dream of disillusionment. The history of reason – history as reason – poses itself at the beginning of the 21st century as a congenital madness. And if reason is the symptom of an irrational problem, what part does the mind play in this? Bloodless revolutions have stained the pages of psychiatry, literature, art history, philosophy – if emancipation is an idea that first belongs to those who forge chains, it is not a facetious question we pose: IS SCHIZOPHRENIA A SOLUTION?


Alienist Broadsheet #2 (December 2017) download PDF


The coercive strategies of the corporate-state apparatus are not unknown – the question is, why does anyone accept them? How have people been conditioned to deny in themselves an existence unmediated by the state (when the state is little more than a self-legitimising protection racket posing as the guardian of the individual’s “right to self-determination”)? The grotesqueness of this flagrant paradox is that it is concealed from no-one. It gives the lie to the idea that individual self-determination is anything more than narcissistic opportunism. The state holds a mirror to the anxiety & conceitedness of the overweaned. Its power stands in a direct relation to a wilful subjectification. Thus it proffers only the most corrupted gratifications.

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Let us not mince words – today, the avantgardes of the past are as concentration camp “prisoner functionaries” (collaborationist kapos) in the service of cultural totalitarianism. Where once “museums” of non-objective art served as provisional headquarters of an internationalist, insurrectional movement, now resides the accumulated transnational power of Cultural Capital – New York, London, Paris, Prague, Venice, Bilboa, Moscow, Dubai, Beijing – corporatized in the image of “blockbuster” spectacularism. It is past time to call these monstrous trivialisations of creative life what they truly are. These Disneyfied kulturgulags represent what amounts to a Final Solution of the “avantgarde problem” – the integrated liquidation & expropriation of avantgarde forms of resistance & subversion, to the programme of total commodification of creative life. No longer is “contemporary art” permitted to challenge the established status quo or the vested interests of cultural capitalism: it has instead become the décor of an “institutionalised revolution.” The revolution of the commodity – of the very idea of the “new” itself – of the absolutely modern. In this alienated form, the future of “art” is reduced to a zero-sum parody of cashless emancipation. KUNSTARBEIT MACHT FREI.


30000 Years of Market Consolidation (full text PDF / printable A3)

Their revolution was to invent new categories for the miscategorised.
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For the time being the stock exchanges remained open —
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Commodity montage wakes each morning from yr sleep.
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love bipolar alphanumeric code ruthenium.
Pacification is the face of a sales clerk algorithmically modified to your preference.
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An Alienist is a person who fights economic cultural totalitarianism with unconventional weapons, using unconventional methods. The Alienist must be a good tactician, to compensate for the fact that the forces ranged in defence of economic cultural totalitarianism are vastly asymmetrical in nature. The Alienist’s weapons may appear inferior to the enemy’s, but from the semantic point of view the Alienist has an undeniable superiority. Continue reading “ALIENISM EN GARDE”