Protest only serves as the prenatal expression of an attitude that must still give birth to direct action.

In order to create new possibilities, oppositional fervour needs to collaborate in the work of a complete reinvention of the current order of “reality.”

Power cannot be importuned to deconstruct itself.

The Anthropocene isn’t an artefact of the Corporate-State Apparatus but its reification.

It isn’t a symptom, but a system.

It is a system that has closed off all the exits & has the force of negation on its side.

The work required to defeat it is that of a relentless & unremitting deconstruction.

An unreasonable & onerous task, perhaps, yet without fulfilling it the future will indeed be devoured by the still incomplete project of the Corporate-State Apparatus.

For its apotheosis will be the final catastrophe.

Tomorrow, the Corporate-State Apparatus will no longer be merely the dominant ideological form, it will be the Death Star that has consumed the World.


! NO EXIT copy
















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